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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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  We have always believed that talent is the soul of an enterprise and determines its core competitiveness. The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. Among all the factors that affect enterprises, talents are the key factor. The competitiveness of enterprises is reflected in the competitiveness of talents. Yaguang has always adhered to the people-oriented concept of employment and has always implemented The business purpose of creating opportunities for employees, while the company's business is developing rapidly, we have trained a solid team of talents who have created the company's rapid growth performance and have become an important resource for corporate growth.

  The company recruits talents from the society through different channels. Every year, it recruits fresh graduates from colleges and universities with excellent academic performance. The addition of new university students has established a talent pool for the company and provided manpower for the company's sustainable development. The main way of recruiting talents is to recruit fresh graduates. Since fresh graduates maintain a strong desire to learn and there is no interference from other corporate cultures, it is much easier for fresh graduates to understand and accept the company’s corporate culture. It is the main way for the company to acquire talents.

  Every year, we provide about 100 job opportunities for fresh graduates and a continuous career development plan. The company’s important vacancies are mainly achieved by internal promotions, and the company provides employees with promotion opportunities as much as possible.

  For some highly demanding professionals, we usually recruit from the talent market. The joining of professionals can introduce new management techniques and product technologies to the company. It is an important way for the company to progress. The company attaches great importance to new concepts and new technologies. He has a strong interest in new management concepts and technologies, as the so-called "stones from other mountains can be used for jade".

  Professional talents and reserve talents together form a talent echelon, so that a reasonable talent level is formed in our team, and the cohesion of the team is enhanced.

  The company vigorously promotes performance appraisal and final elimination system, through performance appraisal to identify the ability of people, excellent talents represent the company's competitiveness, is the core factor of the company's success, the company needs to pay attention to many aspects. Employees who cannot complete the company's performance should be eliminated. The company formulates departmental work goals at the beginning of each year and decomposes them into individual work goals. The work goals become the standard for measuring work performance, and the performance appraisal of employees is achieved through this standard.

  Every year, we eliminate employees whose performance is seriously lagging behind. Obviously, for those who are eliminated, the last elimination is cruel, but timely termination of the employment relationship with employees with poor performance is also beneficial to employees in the long run. Employees with poor performance can face reality earlier, improve their work ability in time, and find opportunities that suit them again in society.

  The last elimination system will activate the vitality of employees. In the face of competition, employees will put more effort into work and continuously improve performance.

  Since the establishment of the company, the living conditions of employees have been continuously improved. In order to create a good living environment, the company has repeatedly added logistical investment and strengthened management to establish a clean and comfortable living environment.

  In order to strengthen the team spirit and strengthen the communication between employees, the company regularly organizes tours every year. The tourist destinations include natural and urban attractions in Guangdong.

  At present, the company is constantly improving the company's living environment and working environment, so that it can give full play to its professional expertise and realize its own value.

  The competition of the company is the competition of talents, but also the competition of the team. Any employee of the company represents a link in the operation of the company. Any mistake in any link means that the products or services provided by the company will be adversely affected, so the team Spirit is one of Yaguang's main requirements for employees.

  To become a world-class enterprise is the goal and mission of Yaguang people, and talents that are in line with the world are the basic prerequisite for achieving a world-class enterprise. Yaguang recruits outstanding talents in various ways to achieve professionalization and internationalization of operations. It has always been believed that talent is the soul of an enterprise and the most important factor that determines the competitiveness of an enterprise. In the process of Yaguang's internationalization, we regard talents as one of the most important strategies. Always adhere to the talent strategy of attracting outstanding talents from the society, creating a good environment for talents, and making full use of talents.

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