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  The strategic principle, purpose and slogan of "Yaguang Market Service"


  ●The strategic principle of service: half of the competition is service,

  ●The tenet of service: products make customers satisfied, service makes customers more satisfied.

  ●Service slogan: Wholeheartedly, to make you satisfied!

  ●Service goal: to meet the satisfaction needs of every customer!


  With the intensification of market competition, the development of marketing is far beyond the reach of 4P elements. Especially in the medical electronic equipment industry, products are facing further homogeneity, prices are becoming more and more transparent in competition, channels are fully shared, hard work is fierce, and sales promotion The form is also infinitely creative, but with little gain. In this market environment, the added value of services as products or sales is increasing, and the focus of competition is increasingly shifting to it. Some people say: "Service consumption is psychological consumption". The reason is very simple. Only warm service can stir the heartstrings of customers and generate repeat customers.

  To this end, Yaguang has recreated its famous brand with service and introduced: "Yaguang Market Service"; with "love society, love enterprise, love products, love customers, love colleagues, love family" as its core values, lead the industry , The pursuit is endless.


  Interpretation of "Yaguang Market Service"

  1. "Yaguang Market Service" The upper garment is printed with "Yaguang Pathology" as the visual representative mark of after-sales service personnel abroad. The fixed color of the jacket-blue and the text pattern logo on it form the vision of the entire service team The unity of the above also represents the unity of action. Blue represents always ready to serve consumers and is the best expression of the service slogan of "wholeheartedly, to your satisfaction".

  2. The requirements of "Yaguang Market Service" The implementation of "6S" (organization, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, quality, and safety) within the company has further standardized the company's internal management, and the internal image has been established. The company's external The image is embodied in all aspects related to the business. The "6S" of service and the "6S" of internal management go hand in hand to create and establish a famous brand in the medical equipment industry-Yaguang. The literal meaning and specific content of the service are as follows:


  "S"-Means to treat guests with a smile

  "E"-is proficient in business work

  "R"-is a kind and friendly attitude towards customers

  "V"-is to treat every customer as a special and important person

  "I"-is to invite every customer to visit again next time

  "C"-is to create a warm environment for customers

  "E"-is to express concern for customers with eyes


  We can check our service performance based on the meaning of these seven letters, and ask the vendors that provide services to us to do the same.

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Company Address: Middle Section of Chongli Road, Xiaohan Avenue, Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City 

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